Starflyer and Taxes

We are coming down to the wire! Only a few more weeks before the Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE! As of right now, we are looking at an April 15th launch.

What else is April 15th? Tax Day!

Hopefully you were all good this year and will be getting a nice refund. And what better way to spend that refund than make a contribution to the Starflyer John Jackson Kickstarter!

Here is where we are so far: The music is nearly done. The video is done and is just waiting on the music. The story has gone through a couple of big edits that have really taken it to the next level and have made me more excited than ever!

I am currently going over the Kickstarter Rewards. We have a couple of great ideas that I think people will be really excited about. I will continue to edit and refine the story and work towards the final product.

I hope you will all stay engaged and will be as generous as you can be come the launch of the Kickstarter Campaign.

Greetings from the Skyview Space Station

Greetings from the Skyview Space Station, located just outside the Rings of Saturn and just out of view from Earth and welcome friends of Starflyer John Jackson.

This is the first post on the NEW Starflyer John Jackson website. While most of my updates will be on our Facebook Page and the forthcoming Kickstarter Page, I will use this site for longer posts and other updates.

While there isn’t a lot of content now, we will be adding and as the project grows. I hope you will keep coming back for the latest and will Like and Follow the below.

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Although he is the youngest pilot, he is the best in the outer planets.